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"Patient injury and death from medical error are frighteningly common, yet most of us don't know what to do when we, or our loved ones, are receiving medical care. We should be key members of our health care team, but often aren't. Steve’s book, based on his extensive experience in both aviation and patient safety, teaches us how to partner effectively with our caregivers and prevent medical errors. At some point, we or a loved one will all become patients. Reading this book will make us safer when that happens!"
F. Andrew Gaffney, MD, FACC
Patient safety consultant, flight surgeon and former NASA astronaut
San Francisco, California


How you can avoid being one of the 100,000 people who will die this year due to a preventable medical mistake in their doctor's office or hospital.

It’s not that our nation’s doctors and nurses are incompetent. Quite the contrary, they are the very best in the world and try extremely hard for perfection. But high tech medicine is complex and dangerous.

So complex that in the time it takes you to read this letter, nine patients will die due to preventable mistakes. The safety statistics of our health care system are frightening…

  • Almost 100,000 patients will die this year due to a preventable medical error – that’s almost 1600 deaths per week or 228 deaths per day 
  • Two million patients will get an infection given to them by their health care provider or hospital - 90,000 of them will die from that infection 
  • 1.5 million patients will be hurt by a medication mistake – 7,000 of those patients will die
  • One in every five patients will be harmed in some way by medication errors
  • Four million people will have to go to the doctor or hospital because of a medication mistake

Eight jumbo jets, fully loaded with people, would have to crash every week to kill the same number of passengers as the number of patients that are accidentally killed every week in our health care system!

Think about it. If 8 jumbo jets full of passengers crashed every week would you ever get on an airplane again? Yet that is how many patients accidentally die every week in our health care system. And people still blindly go to the doctor’s office or hospital without knowing the potential danger and what they can do to reduce the risk. You don’t have to put yourself and your family at risk.

Never Go To the Hospital Alone…and other Insider secrets to get mistake-free health care from your doctor and hospital

is the most comprehensive book ever written to keep you and your family safe and help you avoid the risk of being the victim of a deadly medical mistake.

Every Safety Tip You Need to Stay Safe Has Already Been Compiled For You...

“Never Go to the Hospital Alone is the gold standard for understanding how to protect you and your family from medical mistakes.  It’s clearly written, easy-to-understand, and chock full of simple tips that can make a difference in the outcome of your health care. I found it so valuable I even got my parents a copy. You need one too.” Kelly Rinehart, RN, CPHRM Medical Risk Consulting, LLC Portland, Oregon

Which Of These Expert Safety Tips Could You Use To Protect You and Your Family?

The most common medical mistake and when it is most likely to happen.

The hidden dangers of using a medical specialist.

Seven questions you should ask your new doctor during your first visit to the office.

How to use your health insurance plan to find a good doctor.

How to find and use a physician watchdog organization to double-check your doctor’s qualifications.

What Google and other search engines can tell you about your doctor.

Six important things to look for in your doctor’s office that will minimize the chance of medical mistakes.

What question good doctor’s will ask you at the end of every office visit.

How most people pick a hospital and why this is dangerous.

How to find and interpret your hospital’s public report card on safety.

Who you should call and what questions you should ask them before you ever check into a hospital.

Three reasons why getting care from a teaching hospital may not be your best choice for safety.

Five things you must tell your doctor during every visit.

What to do if your doctor doesn’t like you and why this affects your safety.

Who should go with you every time you go to the hospital.


With Never Go To the Hospital Alone, you’ll get all of these tips, plus over 100 more proven, practical, easy-to-understand and use safety strategies guaranteed to reduce the risk of a potentially deadly medical mistake, every time you visit the doctor’s office or hospital.

And it doesn’t matter if you already have a doctor, or are looking for a doctor, live in a big city or a small one, go to the doctor a lot, or rarely get sick – the information in this book is priceless and once you know it, will instantly make your health care safer and less risky.

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